AMLO responds to López-Dóriga’s criticism for using “good dishes” at breakfast with Carlos Slim

After a breakfast he had this Monday with Carlos Slim in the National Palace, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported that they spoke, among other things, of the decision the businessman made to pay his taxes in Mexico for the sale of a subsidiary of one of his companies.

At your lecture morning of this tuesdayLópez Obrador specified that Slim paid 28 billion pesos.

Given the criticism he received on social networks for the breakfast he had withn Carlos Slim and for the “good tableware” he used, as the journalist said Joaquín López-Dóriga, the president of Mexico pointed out that even that “they are seeing.”

“I promise you that I had never realized it, I had not noticed that. It is a dining room that has been there for a long time, it is used and well I said ‘well, let’s have breakfast here’

“And they look at the dishes. I wish it was from the time of MaximilianBut no, they looted many things that were left. There are some sculptures by Maximiliano, but everything is controlled by the Treasury, “said López Obrador, displaying the photo of the breakfast he held with the businessman.

“I’m going to invite López-Dóriga,” he added with a laugh.

“Thus the presidential austerity. Breakfast at the National Palace. He puts the good crockery, cutlery, glassware, floral arrangement and silverware in the background. Not even Obama has that table. What do you think of palatial austerity in times of # 4 -T? “, Wrote the journalist in social networks.

President López Obrador said that he invited Carlos Slim to breakfast “because he is an important, institutional businessman; He is not promoting opposition to the government; he is doing his own thing in his companies and pays us 28 billion ”.

My respects for the attitude of Carlos Slim and other businessmen who have behaved very well, added López Obrador.

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