Exatlón México: FILTRAN complete line-up of the new Team of Legends 2021

Since the production of Exatlon Mexico confirmed a second duel between Legends and the New Generation of reality athletes around the world began to speculate who would be the ones to return for one of the show’s most challenging challenges.

According to a spoiler account these are the legends that return to the tracks of Exatlon to face the current participants.

Patricio araujo

The current men’s champion is one of the most controversial athletes the competition has ever had, love him or hate him, but he never goes unnoticed.

Aristeo Cazares

The man from Veracruz was one of the most popular names to be back and according to the spoilers account, his participation is already confirmed.

Doris del Moral

He participated in the first season of Exatlón México and had his return for the 2020 edition, now he returns as a Legend.

Jasmine Hernandez

During her presentation in the third season, she became one of the favorites.

Heliud Polished

The two-time Exatlón champion will give his best, and show why he is part of the Legends.

I said no

Eugenio Martell returns to competition after having participated in the last three seasons.

Pamela verdirame

Participant Pam from the third and fourth seasons also appears on the list of those selected to return.

So far the list of possible Legends from Exatlon MexicoMany of these names already sounded like possible candidates to return to the competition, we just have to wait and in the next few days we will find out if this list hits all the participants or maybe we still have surprises to discover.

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