They arrest the armed man who was wandering in front of the UN headquarters

A man who wandered in front of the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) on New York, apparently armed, is in custody and was taken to a nearby hospital.

This was confirmed by the spokeswoman for the nyc police, Lt. Cathy Gamble, to CNN. However, he did not elaborate on the apparent weapon.

No official was injured during the incident, according to information so far.


Police responded to several emergency calls, which alerted to a armed man with a shotgun. Agents released that the individual was seen speaking to himself and appeared to be carrying a bag.

According to the authorities told CNN, the man declared at the scene that the UN has a negative impact on the world.

The building of the United Nations It is still closed, but the occupants returned to their normal activities.

“We have closed the building due to the police activity that is taking place outside the UN in front of our doors, “said Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the United Nations, at the time of the incident.


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