The free reinforcements that can return to Chivas

To the Guadalajara Club you will get a free booster for the Clausura 2022 Tournament and it’s about Oswaldo Alanís, who no longer enters into plans of the MLS San Jose Earthquakes for the next season, after the elimination of the playoffs, the same case as that of Carlos Fierro, a former rojiblanco attacker who is free to contract with the club of his choice.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Clausura of the MX League

After the extension of the loan of Javier Eduardo Lopez with the American team, it was also confirmed that the two former players of the Sacred Herd they will not be considered for the immediate future. In the case of Alanís, he will have to report to Guadalajara, that he is the owner of his letter, to know what his future is or if he could even stay for the next contest within the establishment.

For this reason, the leadership headed by Ricardo Peláez could consider him for the next campaign or seek accommodation for him in another institution to continue with his career, as the defensive zone that has had the most deficiencies Chivas It is on the sides, where neither Jesús Sánchez, nor Miguel Ponce have filled the eyes of the last two coaches.

The case of Carlos Fierro is different because despite the fact that he emerged from the rojiblanca quarry, it which served him to play the U-17 World Cup where they were proclaimed champions in 2011, his departure from San José is given with the objective of hiring himself with the club that best suits him, since he is a free agent and you will not have to report with Guadalajara, although a dynamic reinforcement and a well-tattooed Guadalajara shirt would not hurt either.

The “Güero” published this emotional message on his Instagram account to say goodbye to the Earthquakes: “Fans and colleagues thank you for the love and he received support during this nice time, I will always carry them in my heart. @sjearthquakes. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story. and having made me feel at home. Success and blessings. Go Quakes ⚫️ “.

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