Octavio Ocaña received a special award for his 16-year career: “And those who missed you”

Octavio began his career at an early age in the forum of "Neighbors" (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)
Octavio started his career at an early age in the “Neighbors” forum (Photo: Instagram / @ octavioocaa)

Octavio Ocana was awarded for his 16 years of experience on television. This is how his sister made it known Bertha Ocana, who shared a postcard of the award along with an emotional text on his Instagram account.

Bertha Ocana presented the statuette awarded to the late actor. The recognition was given at the ceremony Golden Trilogy 2021. The Ocaña family was present at the event, who received the first posthumous award that “Benito Rivers” received.

“For your 16 years of artistic legacy and those that you missed. Yesterday we received this recognition for your career, my king. One more to your collection of the many that you had that you could not even fit”, Wrote Bertha Ocaña. “You almost turn your house into a museum since you are a great”He added.

Posthumous award for "Benito rivers" (Photo: Instagram screenshot / @ berthaocaa)
Posthumous award for “Benito Rivers” (Photo: Instagram screenshot / @ berthaocaa)

The writing that accompanied the series of photographs was totally emotional. Bertha stressed that there is not a single day that she does not need her brother. Also, on behalf of the family, he stressed that it is a pride that Octavio Ocaña’s work is recognized.

“The little tribute that could be done in your memory. Remembering you with all my heart and soul. Not only us, but all the people who always admire you as a human being and an artist”Mentioned the sister of the actor who shone in the comedy series Neighbors.

The sister of the late Octavio Ocaña added to her publication on Instagram: “It is very sad to be in those places without you, but without a doubt you are present, because you were the star of this family and now you are the angel of this family that they will love you until the last day of their lives ”, concluded Bertha Ocaña, but not before thanking the“ Golden Trilogy ”awards.

The Ocaña family during the ceremony (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)
The Ocaña family during the ceremony (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)

Prior to the Trilogía de Oro awards ceremony, the Ocaña family spoke with the media. Ana Lucía, mother of Octavio, stressed that the holidays this year will be particularly difficult. “Very hard, very sad, suffering more every day and feeling it more every day, but he is already a little angel“, He commented for the reporter of Come the joy.

However, the family’s mood changed radically when they were questioned about the alleged inheritance that left “Benito Rivers”. Octavio Perez, father of the late actor, bitterly replied: “Hey friend, do not ask such things.” One of his daughters did not miss the comment either: “It’s private, it’s a family thing and we are not going to talk about any of that. “

Octavio Ocaña lost his life after being involved in a police persecution (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)
Octavio Ocaña lost his life after being involved in a police persecution (Photo: Instagram / @ berthaocaa)

Octavio Ocaña’s inheritance has shaken the specialized entertainment media. The youtuber Dael Quiroz stated that Nerea Godinez, fiancee of “Benito”, is the only heir to his fortune. According to the alleged information, Ocaña’s heritage it was around a million dollars.

Nerea Godínez was the one who, personally, denied the existence of a will that would benefit her and her son in an interview she gave for the show First hand. In that same talk, Nerea explained that her financial situation remains the same as when Octavio was alive.

Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña's fiancée (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)
Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s fiancée (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

“I don’t like being in my house, because everything in my house is him. Everything is Tavo “Nerea recounted. On another occasion, the fiancée of “Benito Rivers” was honest about how he has gone through the duel after the death of Octavio in the same program. Godínez stressed that it is almost impossible for him to be at home, since the memories with the actor exceed him.

Similarly, he remarked that the constant trips he had with Ocaña have taken him away from the sites. Who was the actor’s fiancée does not know if at some point he will be able to return to Jalisco, one of the actor’s favorite states to visit. “He was happy there”, said.


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