Does Ingrid Coronado respond to Charly López after his attacks?

Ingrid Coronado and Charly López have a son, his name is Emiliano. Photo: GettyImages

After Charly López said that Ingrid Coronado had been unfaithful to him twice during their marriage, the driver would have thrown a response to his ex who has already divided opinions on social networks because while some of her followers support her, others reminded her that the former Garibaldi decided to divorce her because of the deceptions.

Ingrid Coronado was married to Charly López and your marriage his son Emiliano was born. In recent statements, Charly shared that he tried to forgive the infidelities, however, he discovered for a long time that the communicator is not what he thought; Now they have a bad relationship and he doesn’t want to see it in his life.

Does Ingrid Coronado respond to the attacks of her ex Charly García?

After what Charly garcia Ingrid Coronado has said in different interviews, the host drew attention with one of her publications on the networks because it would be the possible response to your ex’s attacks

“A stable relationship is not forgiving everything”

It reads in Ingrid Coronado’s message

The presenter questioned her followers about the phrase she posted and added that it feels very real.

“Sometimes we think that giving everything for a bond is putting up with situations that make us uncomfortable. want me to tell you something? Nothing is worth your discomfort. And with this I do not mean that you are a heavy or a heavy, unable to understand the process of the other, no, no, that’s it “

Ingrid Coronado

Coronado added that …

“It’s about getting to know yourself better, knowing your priorities, what is negotiable and what is not, and from there, relate healthily”

Without the driver clarifying that her message is a response to what her ex-husband has pointed out, some consider it to be a hint to what Charly has said about her.

Some followers let him know that they match what the phrase he posted says.

  • “Completely agree, there are limits as in everything”
  • “Very true, you go forward because backwards or to catch flight”
  • “Each one must behave naturally and freely”

In addition to the previous comments, other netizens showed that they did not agree with Ingrid and asked her the name of the people with whom she cheated on Charly and reminded her of what he disclosed about the reasons for her divorce.

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