Christian Nodal, further from town, closer to Belinda

Little, or rather, almost nothing, remains of the Christian Nodal we met a few years ago, who claimed to be a “village boy” who sought to perpetuate the image of other idols of the Mexican regional who had cultivated simplicity as his letter of introduction, starting with the late Joan Sebastian, whom he took as a model at the beginning of his career.

Christian Nodal arrives at the Latin American Music Awards at the Dolby Theater on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017, in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

Christian Nodal in his beginnings, in 2017, before walking with Belinda. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

But at a time when he is announced as the most listened to artist in Spanish on Spotify in Mexico, Nodal exhibits a 180º transformation: the boy who proudly wore hats and jackets, to sing, has disappeared.

In his place we are presented with a man covered in tattoos (something that caused so much controversy at the time; many fans complained about him), who wears haute couture clothes, eye makeup, ostentatious watches and now has an air of a certain arrogance and Attitudes were previously inconceivable, ranging from his notorious scuffle with Universal Music Group, to his reactions with the public, now showing himself haughty and even cutting.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 16: Christian Nodal speaks to Media during the presentation of Shein new clothing collection inspired by Belinda Peregr & # xed; n, at Soumaya Museum on November 16, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico.  (Photo by Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Nodal today. The change is awesome! (Photo by Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Why this drastic change?

It is true that every artist must evolve both in his music and in his image: there you have Miguel Bosé, for example, who went from wearing pink leggings (to annoy his father), to becoming an enigmatic seducer in the decade of the 80, to be the controversial figure who goes around doing disfigurements and hitting people with books, as a cat lady.

Or there is also the case of Vicente Fernández, who in his peak time came to have the most expensive charro suit in history (one million pesos in 1995), which was a great step (made with great effort) after his difficult beginnings in the most abject poverty. Like Nodal, Chente always called himself “town”, but for some reason, in the boy’s mouth, that phrase no longer sounds sincere.

It is not the triumph, or the fact that “fame” has risen to his head … well, yes, a little. But there is an extra factor that has contributed to this and it is very obvious; It is about Belinda’s influence on her future husband today and it is increasingly evident that the author of the phrase “winning as always!” he has his hand very involved (some would say that to the bottom) in the style and destiny of the young Nodal.

This has gone beyond just asking him to get tattoos (and then he became addicted and does not stop), or changing his outfit for more sophisticated clothes and the style for something more daring and glamorous. Belinda has clearly been the architect of transforming her heartthrob into what she likes, as opposed to what she finds vulgar and ordinary and that she has always tried to avoid, thus turning Nodal into someone much closer to her style.

And although there have been some claims by the fandom that followed it at the beginning, the truth is that this Nodal ‘reloaded’ has worked much more for the public that is more akin to the pop ‘fresita’ of Belinda than to the Sinaloan band or the Mexican regional: this has led Nodal to modify his musical style – although less drastically, he is not stupid either – to find himself in the tastes of those who prefer pop or urban life, and this fusion is what has led him to new levels of popularity and to stop the exploitation that before him towards the label with which he had signed at the beginning of his career.

This is a new Nodal, definitely, and having established a track record in the most important music app with the most listeners, is not an easy thing. But will he end up straying from his roots and completely transformed, or will his love for “the people” who did it be greater than his love for “Beli”? Only time will tell, but the blonde always plays it safe.


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