Liga MX reported and the police consigned the person responsible for the ‘ice cream’; Puebla does not wait for sanction

Liga MX found the person responsible and the police recorded it; in Puebla they are awaiting a possible investigation, only if the referee reported it at the end of the match

The MX League reported the individual who launched ice to the Cuauhtémoc court, during the ‘first leg’ of the Quarterfinals between Puebla and Leon, and the police did their job by consigning the person responsible.

ESPN Digital was able to confirm that “the police removed the person from the ‘ice‘. The League reported it and the police took it away. “

Likewise, it was said that “the person responsible has already been consigned, it is what the League has to do”, but if the referee reported something else, it will be the responsibility of the Refereeing Commission of the Mexican Soccer Federation who is in charge of the investigation. and possible sanction to the local club.


On the other hand, from the Club Puebla It was pointed out to this portal that “there is no news on the matter.” That is to say that until now the camoteros do not know if the incident transcended further.

So far there is no more news about it and everything was seen by some media and a sector of the fans that attended the match on Thursday, where the score ended 2-1 in favor of Puebla.

In the camotero club, by the way, they hope that the incident has not been reported by the central judge Erick Yair Miranda.

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