Jennifer Lawrence’s sad confession to 10 years of leakage of her intimate photos

“Every instinct in my body wants to protect their privacy for the rest of their lives, as much as it can. You don’t want anyone to feel welcome in your existence. And I feel like that starts with not including them in this part of my work, ”he added.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Another traumatic experience for the 31-year-old actress was when in 2017 the small private plane that transported her from Kentucky to New York, suffered a failure, causing her to make a forced landing.

“The only thing left on the seat was my skeleton,” he recalled before revealing his reaction in those agonizing minutes. “Flying is horrible and I have to do it all the time,” he said, explaining that while everything was happening, he began to leave “little mental voice messages” with his family thinking that he would not survive the accident.

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