Ana Martín reveals that she has an eviction letter

Ana Martín reveals that she has an eviction letter. Photo: Cuartoscuro | File

Ana Martin surprised to share that he already has a eviction letter He said that he does not want anyone to bear the decision, since the actress, who months ago shared unpublished photos of her youth, does not have children.

In an interview for the cameras of TODAY, Ana Martín, who shares the sacrifices she has had to make in her life, affirmed that this document was carried out with witnesses and before a notary to make them official and in writing.

“I have my eviction letter, yes, I do. I am alone and I do not want anyone to carry that. If not, I want to do it and I have already done it, it is done with a notary and with two witnesses ”,

Ana Martín, actress

However, the famous actress ruled out that she disclose the content of the letter that, it is said, could have her last will.

Live, content and happy: Ana Martín

A few days ago, the 75 year old famous who has become one of the first most popular actresses in the network, where she has no reservations to answer the few criticisms she receives, she said happily for the affection that you have received from the public what has followed his career same that was awarded with the “Golden Microphone”.

“Viva, I am alive, happy, happy… Yes, the tributes, the awards are wonderful, but they are minutes, seconds. But the love of the public is the most important thing that an actor can have and I thank God for that and I thank the public, my work… My life has been my artistic career and I owe it to the public ”,

Ana Martín, actress.

The leading actress said she was surprised by the impact what have you had in social networks where the public of all the ages.

“At 75 years old it does surprise me, really. Because 80% are young people between 17 and 28 years old, which surprises me. I thought it was going to be people my age and not… I am fascinated with the networks, all the things that they put on me; So, they give me a lot of encouragement, they make me very happy ”,

Ana Martín, actress

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