“You are not alone, you are not alone!”, After an immigration proposal at the White House

Aguascalientes, Ags.- the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed this Friday that in the past North American Leaders Summit, at the White House he chanted to his US counterpart, Joe biden, “You are not alone, you are not alone! “, in his immigration proposal to regularize 11 million migrants.

In spearheading the supervision of social programs, the head of the federal Executive assured the US president that his proposal had humanistic purposes and that he had the support ofe many Mexicans who live and work in the American Union.

He reiterated that he will be aware that the migration initiative be supported by both the Democratic Party like the Republican and he warned that his government will demonstrate “when the time is right.”

“We are going to be aware that this initiative is supported by both legislators from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. We are going to be attentive and acting with great respect for the sovereignty of the United States, yes we are going to express ourselves frankly when the time is right. With frank respect and also with gratitude in the event that this initiative of President Biden is approved, “said President López Obrador.

“I told him at the trilateral meeting that he had humanistic purposes and that he felt that he was not alone, that his proposal to support migrants. I even told him that, at the meeting, that when we were in the opposition, even when someone is leading a just movement, when they defend a just cause they are choreographed, I told him: ‘You are not alone, you are not alone!’ And I told him so that he would feel that there is support, I am sure, from many Mexicans who live and work honestly in the United States, “he said.

Exactly a week ago, on November 18, the IX North American Leaders Summit was held in Washington DC, in which the President of Mexico Andrés Manj López Obrador, the American President Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

At the Aguascalientes Technological Institute and accompanied by Governor Martín Orozco, President López Obrador assured that the best way to solve the migration problem is to address the root causes, for which he stressed that the United States decided to invest in Central America, especially in Honduras. .

“They are going to start helping in Honduras and he was talking about how Central America was helped in the past, but that plan was distorted by corruption because support was not reaching the people. So that’s when I made the proposal that we try to directly deliver the support to the people without intermediaries, “he said.

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