Woman arrested for allegedly murdering her mother-in-law with 68 stab wounds in Nuevo León

Nuevo León- Police from the Proximity Guard of the municipality of Apodaca, detained a woman for the alleged murder of his mother-in-law, a 68-year-old woman who received ten stab wounds in the back, in events recorded on Wednesday afternoon, in the aforementioned municipality that is located north of the metropolitan area.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat reported that when the police elements carried out a surveillance and crime prevention tour, around 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, they heard cries for help that came from a house that is located between the streets of Cygnus and Circuito de los Vientos in the Ciudad Natura neighborhood.

The agency informed that elements of the municipal Public Security Secretariat were conducting tours of prevention of illegal acts, when they heard cries for help and when inspecting the house from which the call came, they observed an injured woman lying on the floor of the room.

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Next to the injured woman, named María Marcela “N”, 68 years old, was a woman who identified herself as Erika “N”, 42 years old, who had blood stains on her hands and clothes , and said she was the daughter-in-law of the woman who remained on the ground, after receiving ten wounds on her back, apparently caused with a knife that was a short distance away and had the tip bent

The preventives requested the presence of an ambulance, but when the paramedic personnel arrived, they confirmed that María Marcela he no longer had vital signs, as a result of the injuries.

When questioned about her presence at the scene, Erika gave contradictory versions, as she first told the police that she had entered to rob her mother-in-law’s house and later stated that she entered to help her because she was screaming and nervous.

However, given that she had blood on her hands and clothes, in addition to falling into contradictions when explaining her presence at the home near where her mother-in-law’s body was, she was detained and placed at the disposal of the State Investigation Agency. , who, according to the evidence they collect, could determine their possible involvement in the commission of the crime of femicide against their mother-in-law.

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