Today’s Games: Puebla vs Len: Result, goals and best plays of the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021

Final result: Puebla 2-1 Len | Quarterfinal IDA | League MX League

Thank you very much for having followed the best actions of the commitment first leg of the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 between Puebla and Len, where La Franja took a minimal advantage for the return match, which will take place next Sunday in Len.

90 + 8 ‘| Puebla 2-1 Len | The game ends at Cuauhtmoc, Puebla takes a minimal advantage in their field. The round will be played next Sunday in Len.

90 + 3 ‘| Puebla 2-1 Len | Alberto Herrera cuts an advance of the Len and receives yellow card. The Strip close to taking the upper hand.

90 ‘| Puebla 2-1 Len | The whistling Erick Yair Miranda decides to add eight minutes to the commitment, La Franja continues with the advantage on the scoreboard.

84 ‘| Puebla 2-1 Len | The last moments of the first leg heat up and strategist Larcamn is reprimanded for complaints to the whistler.

79 ‘| Puebla 2-1 Len | GOOOOOOOL OF PUEBLA! Maximiliano Arajo puts La Franja ahead thanks to a left foot strike, the Uruguayan faced Barreiro and causes Cuauhtmoc to explode with joy.

70 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Defender Israel Reyes makes a very hard tackle and receives the yellow card.

69 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Near Puebla! The recently entered Guillermo Martnez misses a very clear goal and crashes the ball to Rodolfo Cota, the Puebla attacker was inside the area.

Puebla vs Le

65 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | The last 25 minutes of the first leg of the quarterfinals are played, the tie is not broken in this second half.

59 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Bad news for Puebla, Christian Tab has recently had a muscular issue and has to leave the field of play. His place is occupied by Guillermo Martnez.

53 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | The game is intense, but with few chances in goal.

46 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | No team has made modifications so far and they jump with the same players to this second half.

46 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Actions resume in Cuauhtmoc, Puebla and Len equalize on the scoreboard.

Puebla vs Le

This is how the local team celebrated the tying goal

Puebla vs Le
Puebla vs Le

45 + 2 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | The first part of the game ends, we go to rest with the tie on the scoreboard.

45 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | The whistler decides to add two minutes to this first half.

38 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | George Corral is cautioned for a play in which he is late, after being treated for a crash, the Puebla defender was cautioned.

Puebla vs Le

35 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Last 10 minutes of the first half, the score remains in Puebla. The game goes on and the locals stay close to the second.

29 ‘| Puebla 1-1 Len | Goal of Puebla! The Strip reacted immediately and tied the score thanks to Pablo Parra pushing the ball into the small area. After a cross to the left, Ferrareis has the rebound and scores half a goal for the Chilean. Total madness in Cuauhtmoc.

28 ‘| Puebla 0-1 Len | Gooooool of the Len! Stiven Barreiro from a half turn inside the area opens the scoring in favor of the visitors, this occurred after a corner charge where with great luck the ball falls to the defender.

17 ‘| Puebla 0-0 Len | The visitors gain confidence and the game is already very even with alternate dominance in the middle of the court. Great atmosphere in Cuauhtmoc.

10 ‘| Puebla 0-0 Len | The stopped ball has become the most viable option for both teams, which still do not stand out in this first quarter-final match.

03 ‘| Puebla 0-0 Len | The Strip being at home is the team that proposes the most in these first moments of the first leg commitment.

01 ‘| Puebla 0-0 Len | The whistling Erick Yair Miranda whistles the start of the game, and the ball rolls in the Cuauhtmoc.

Puebla vs Le


Puebla vs Le

Len already warms up in the Cuauhtmoc

La Fiera does its pre-competitive exercises prior to the start of the quarterfinals. Great game at Cuauhtmoc!

Puebla vs Le
Puebla vs Le

These are the eleven that Larcamn sends from the beginning

Puebla vs Le

So the lion jumps into the field tonight

Puebla vs Le

Puebla arrives at Cuauhtmoc

Commanded by Argentine strategist Nicols Larcamn, This is how La Franja arrived at Cuauhtmoc.

Player to watch for Puebla tonight

Without a doubt, goalkeeper Antony Silva is the player to watch for Puebla, This is due to the great performances throughout the tournament and the experience of the Paraguayan team.

Puebla vs Le
Puebla vs Le

This is how the first leg of the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021 is played

  • Cougars 0-0 America | Final score
  • Monterrey 0-0 Atlas | Final score
  • Puebla vs Len | To start
  • Santos vs Tigres | Thursday 9:05 pm

How was the regular season when you met?

A little over a month ago both teams saw each other in the regular season where the lion beat La Franja by the minimum, reason why this field agreed to him well to those that will play today of visitors.

Puebla vs Le


Friends of MARCA Claro are welcome to the first leg of the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2021, where Puebla receives the Len at the Cuauhtmoc Stadium, in commitment that opens this series where he looks very even. Great game at Angelopolis!


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