This was the mass with which the Aguilar family remembered Flor Silvestre one year after his death

It has been a year since one of the actresses most iconic in Mexican cinema lost his life, and it is Flor Silvestre.

This November 25, 2021 marks one year since the matriarch of the dynasty Aguilar died of natural causes on his ranch “The soyate”.

It is under this panorama that in its first anniversary mourning thousands of fans have celebrated the memory of Pepe Aguilar’s mother and also Angela’s and Leonardo Aguilar’s grandmother, as well as being the mother of an important dynasty within the shows in Mexico, too She was a great artist who excelled in music and acting.

And it is precisely within this context that the memory de Flor Silvestre is still valid through the artistic legacy that he left in his dozens of films, that the famous sister of “La prieta linda” is remembered in this day.

A mass in honor of Flor Silvestre

And to celebrate the memory of his life, members of the Aguilar family decided to get together to celebrate the great love of Don Antonio Aguilar, and that is how through their social networks both Pepe Aguilar and his sons shared some images of the mass that they organized to remember Dona Flor.

During the mass there was also a tribute to the famous Angela Aguilar’s grandmother, and they placed a giant photograph of the Golden Cinema era where Doña Flor Silvestre had her rise in the world artistic.

While Pepe and Leonardo they shared photographs of the place, the youngest of the dynasty, Angela Aguilar, left a small text on this special day, with which she shared with her followers how much missed her grandmother and how much she loved her, as she assured that she influenced many aspects of her life.

“I miss you, thank you for everything, for so much and forever. I love you and that’s it, ”Angela wrote in a photograph that she shared on her Instagram account to remember her grandmother, generating a wave of comments in which they remember the memory of Flor Silvestre and appreciate the artistic legacy that she left.


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