They seek to bring covid-19 patients to Los Angeles

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The increase in infections by covid-19 that still affects Central california It is so dire that health officials are pleading with state officials to facilitate the transfer of patients from hospitals to areas like the Los Angeles County.

“We don’t have enough hospitals to serve the population and needs,” said Fresno County Acting Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra. Hospitals throughout the San Joaquin Valley “are often overcapacity, so they have dozens and dozens of patients in the emergency department.”

Hospitals are constantly operating above capacity and emergency rooms are still so full that ambulances are stuck waiting outside hospitals to drop off patients, said Dale Dotson, operations coordinator for the Central California Emergency Medical Services Agency.

By not being able to provide adequate care, patients suffer other complications

Some hospitals are so crowded that ambulance patients suffering from stroke or heart-like symptoms are diverted to facilities other than typical to ensure that there are enough staff available to treat them when they arrive.

San Joaquin Valley officials are pleading with California state officials to find a way to facilitate the transfer of patients from the hospital to other, less affected areas.

“It is very difficult to transfer to other counties in the state of California,” Vohra said. “When you look at Los Angeles … they have hundreds and hundreds of beds open.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services said in a statement that it “welcomes patients from other counties while ensuring that health care services are available to residents of our county.”


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