These 20-peso coins are offered together for more than 80 thousand pesos on the internet

The coins commemorative little by little they have become objects that are usually highly appreciated by various collectors and in this case we will present you two pieces of 20 pesos that are offered together on the internet in more than 80 thousand pesos.

Both pieces were released by Banco de México (Banxico) as part of a special collection and are part of the C family, which includes some pieces that began to circulate in 1996 to conclude the change of monetary unit.

The 20 peso coins

The first coin is the piece launched for the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the Plan Marine in Mexico and was put into circulation on November 23, 2018.

Banxico launched the commemorative edition of these 20 peso coins

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The 20 peso coin shows an equilateral triangle on its main face, which is considered internationally as a symbol of prevention and protection and in the center the legend “50 years” and behind it, two crossed anchors.

It should be noted that the triangle represents the elements of land, air and sea, through which the Mexican Navy carries out its functions of support to the civilian population.

On the back side you can see the National Shield with an eagle devouring a snake and the phrase “United Mexican States.”

Through internet pages there are two commemorative coins of 20 pesos that together are offered at more than 80 thousand pesos

Photo: Free Market

The second piece is a currency in commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the application of the DN-III-E plan that is implemented by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena).

This specimen has on its main face the distinctive bracelet of the DN-III-E Plan, with the legend “50 Years Plan DN-III-E” and two images alluding to the Mexican Army and Air Force.

The first currency is offered for 50 thousand pesos and the second for up to 40 thousand pesos, so that in total both currencies are offered for 90 thousand pesos in online sales sites, such as Mercado Libre.

However, remember that before buying or selling a banknote or coin, it is important that you check the price it has in the market or consult a specialist, in order to avoid falling or committing fraud.

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