The US celebrates a “normal” Thanksgiving, but with prices skyrocketing

USA celebrate a day of Thanksgiving more “normal” than last year, in which millions of people will be reunited with their families to share a copious dinner that, however, will be much more expensive than on previous occasions due to high inflation.

Despite an increase in COVID-19 infections in recent weeks, unlike what happened in 2020, this year most Americans are traveling long distances to reunite with family and friends.

Macy’s traditional Thanksgiving parade. Photo from EFE

The week with the most air traffic

This is demonstrated by the data published by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA, for its acronym in English), according to which the US registered between Thursday of last week and yesterday the week with the highest air traffic since it was declared the pandemic from COVID-19 in March of last year.

Just one day before Thanksgiving2.31 million people passed through the security controls of the country’s airports, a figure that represents 88 percent of the air traffic registered on the same day of 2019.

According to the TSA, the day when the largest flow of passengers is expected is next Sunday, when about 2.4 million people will take a plane to return home after spending the holidays with family or friends.

COVID-19 infections are on the rise

The rebound in travel (both by plane and by road) occurs at a time when the contagion of COVID-19 are rising again, but the US government led by the Democrat Joe biden it has ruled out new confinements or closures of economic activities as in Europe.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, USA, the country most affected by the coronavirus in the world, has registered more than 47.8 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 772 thousand deaths.

In addition to the pandemic, the high inflation is the other concern that Americans face on these holidays, when according to the Federation of the American Agricultural Bureau, the Thanksgiving it has become 14 percent more expensive compared to last year.

According to the estimates of this group representing the agricultural sector, the ingredients to prepare a dinner for ten people cost on average $ 53.31, including classics such as turkey, moniatos and pumpkin pie.

Turkey, 24 percent more expensive

A Turkey of sixteen pounds – the great protagonist of the table of Thanksgiving– costs on average $ 23.99, 24 percent more than last year.

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of USA, the annual rate of inflation skyrocketed to 6.2 percent in October, the highest record for consumer prices in this country since 1990, amid strong consumer demand and problems in global supply chains following the crisis caused by the pandemic.

This is the fifth consecutive month in which the year-on-year inflation it is above 5 percent in the US.

In addition, the prices that consumers pay for the gasoline they jumped 6.1 percent last month and are up 49.6 percent in one year, which also boosts the cost of road travel during the holidays.

The day after Thanksgiving it is common for shops to offer significant discounts in the so-called “Black Friday”(Black Friday) which marks the beginning of the season of Christmas shoppingBut both inflation and supply problems suggest a purchasing period with many more complications than on previous occasions.

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