“The most bitter drink was entering”: Celia Lora accepts that it was a mistake to participate in “La Casa de los Famosos”

Once again the popular Celia lora He took the spotlight this Thursday, November 25 after offering an interview for a show business program. And it is that during the broadcast he confessed that it was a “big mistake” having participated in the program “The House of the Famous”, where he shared cameras with Alicia Machado and Kimberly Flores.

Javier Ceriani, from “Gossip No Like”, asked him what was the most bitter drink that he experienced in reality, to which Lora answered very firmly: “Entering, entering was the bitterest thing I ever experienced.”

Look, I do not regret anything, but it was a big mistake in my life to have been in that place and well today the news of someone who is singing the mañanitas and is a trend on social networks makes me laugh.

Empowerment through your work

Another topic that the host also addressed in the program was about her work and incursion in the world of modeling and digital platforms.

Lora is one of the women who has done the most covers for a men’s magazine and one of the best-selling ones.

She, in her own words, confessed that it was a watershed to enter adult content, because only during the pandemic in Only Fans earned enough to travel and indulge in other luxuries.


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