The millionaire figure that Cruz Azul asks for Luis Romo

The one who even does a couple of months he was her best man, today has a uncertain future in Cruz AzuHe, because the cement directive has not been able to meet your demands to get him to renew his contract, which only has one year left, so in The Ferris Wheel they would have had no choice but to look for other alternatives to Luis Romo, one of them is his immediate departure from the club.


And it is that as it transpired these days, and with the time against, the directive would have resigned itself not to renew the contract to the Sinaloa containment, and look for a ‘plan B’, with the aim that don’t leave the club for free next year, just as Orbelín Pineda will do in January.

How many does Luis Romo’s token cost?

In this way, in Cruz Azul they would begin to hear offers for Luis Romo and the team that wants to take over their services will have to disburse the amount of 10 million dollars, this was announced by the ‘Sniper’ in his column in the Récord newspaper, however, he clarified that due to the financial issue that the cement team is going through , would be willing to accept a lower offer.

“For how is the financial and austerity situation in Cruz Azul, an offer that I put to you today about two or three million will be able to do the trick and untie the knot. So, as I see the case, Luis will not remain blue for the next tournament “, he pointed.

What teams would be interested in Luis Romo?

Also, the anonymous columnist revealed that there are still a couple of teams from Europe that they would be interested in Luis Romo, who would be about to make their formal offers in La Noria, and if one were to materialize, the multi-functional soccer player from The Machine could finally fulfill the European dream, otherwise, your destination could be in the north of the country, Well, he also announced that from there there is interest in his file, where, in addition, it is known, the money is not a problem.

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