The General Staff organized parties for us at Fonatur houses: Roberto Palazuelos

The candidate for the candidacy for the governorship of Quintana Roo, Roberto Palazuelos, He confessed in a YouTube program that during his youth he used houses of federal agencies and the Army to party.

On “Pinky Promise,” a show hosted by the JNS member, Karla Diaz, Palazuelos gave details of how, being a friend of the children of presidents of the Republic, he was able to attend parties at houses of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) organized by the Presidential General Staff.

Without giving the full name of the madatario he refers to in his anecdotes, the “Black Diamond” shared that when “Don Miguel” was going on a tour of the country, he and his children called a secretary to ask in which house they could do a party, residence to which they moved in the presidential transport.

“You must take into account that Wednesday in Los Pinos, Don Miguel had already left, who always went to his house in Cuautla, and they left us in Los Pinos from Wednesday to Sunday (…) so there was a secretary downstairs named Lupita and then we said ‘What are we going to do, Chanfle?’, -Chanfle was the youngest (son) (of the president), Gerardo-, (then he would answer) ‘check which house is free, talk to Lupita’. He was already talking to her and saying “Lupita, what house is there free (from Fonatur) on the weekend?”, said the actor and businessman.

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Thus, the actor explained, once he had agreed with the secretary to which house and to which state they were going to go, she asked them not to change their plans, since she was going to send “the outpost”, that is, the Army, to organize the party.

“(Then) the entire advance would leave, an Army plane arrived with all the military, they mounted everything and the roll.”

Recalling the parties where the Presidential General Staff, he said, only prohibited them from having bottles of alcohol on the table, Palazuelos pointed out that “these were very healthy times.”

“There were no social networks,” he added.

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Already in 2019, in a program with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, the “Black Diamond” related that he was able to enjoy parties and trips in private planes over three six-year terms, from Miguel de la Madrid, Carlos Salinas de Gortari and even Ernesto Zedillo .

However, he expressed that occasion, all that was diluted over time, because while in the administration of De la Madrid the Presidential General Staff paid everything, for the Zedillo government, it was already their turn to contribute part of the account.

I’ll rule Q. Roo like it’s a company

Palazuelos, who has lived in Quintana Roo for 23 years, promised, in an interview with THE UNIVERSAL, which in case of winning the electoral victory, will seek to put order and make the state one of the most productive in the country.

“The time has come to be a candidate to run for the governorship of Quintana Roo. It took me time to get firm that I wanted to do it. I had many interested parties but I already decided on one. On Wednesday I had a breakfast and the polls favor me, I am sure that I will become the new governor of Quintana Roo, “he said last September.

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The “Black Diamond” said that the state in which he resides and where he has his hotels and also his son was born does not need politicians. He trusted that history has shown that what is needed is people who want the state to grow and become one of the most productive, since it has everything to be one of the richest places in the country.

“Of all the candidates that are playing right now, I am the most prepared by far, I am very good at debating and I am going to sweep the debates. I know the problems of the state very thoroughly in security matters, its serious indebtedness, how previous administrations have indebted it, its serious problems with ecology, I am an expert on all these issues, I have been living in Quintana Roo for 25 years. Nobody is going to be able to do it better than me ”, he assured.

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