The five points that Nicolás Larcamón improved in Puebla

We present you the keys to Larcamón that have made Puebla manage to sneak into Liguilla in two campaigns.

Puebla, since the arrival of Nicolas Larcamón, changed the face and is one of the clubs that give more life to the tournament, besides that it stopped being that basement team of the general table that it was for many years.

Larcamón and his coaching staff, together with a good project headed by Carlos Poblete in the sports presidency, changed the dynamics of the enfranñados since the last tournament and they have already added two campaigns that get into the League of the Liga MX.

Then in ESPN Digital we present the five points that Larcamón improved in Puebla.

Play together

It sounds obvious, but with the passing of many technicians on the bench, stability was found with the Argentine, and that is Larcamón He gave a style of play that perfectly identifies the team, and he also knew how to overcome adversity. In their first tournament, the style was straightforward and with a lot of band play. Now, for this campaign and with important absences, he knew how to get the most out of it through possession and the incursion of his sides as inside.

Goleo fee

Both Guard1anes 2021 and this Opening 2021 They were the first two tournaments in the last three years, where they have a positive balance, or zero, in terms of goal difference. And it is that always with a negative balance in the difference, they were one of the reasons why the poblanos did not classify; However, last season they had a difference of +11 and in this they remained at zero, a fact that has not happened since the Apertura 2018.

He changed mentality to overcome low keys

Santiago Ormeño, Salvador Reyes and Omar Fernández were the figures of the squad in the tournament that arrived Nicolas Larcamón and in which he entered directly to the League; However, they stayed in the semifinals when they fell to Santos and in the summer market they let these three pillars of the team go, but more than worrying, Larcamón was busy restoring their mood and modifying their scheme and variants to guide the team to another good tournament.

He pulled them out of the quotient basement

Although there is no longer ascent and descent, the good sum of points that Puebla It has caused them to move further away from the bottom of the percentage table, so the economic fine that exists today is not something that the Puebla directive should worry about in the near future.

Connection with the fans

Yes OK Puebla It is not one of the most popular teams and the Cuauhtémoc Stadium is not one of those that presents the best tickets, the reality is that Larcamón It caused the followers of the Strip to have a reunion with the team, they identified with the players and they are among the teams that generate the most interaction on social networks, all due to the good sports level that the team has.

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