The day that Maradona was at Carlos Hermosillo’s farewell

Talk about Diego Armando Maradona is to mention amazing things in the football world, dream plays like the one recounted by the Mexican soccer legend, Carlos Hermosillo placeholder image, who bill one of the anecdotes who lived next to him Argentine star, who this November 25 celebrates one year of death.

It was in the 2002, one year after his professional retirement, that Cruz Azul organized the meeting, in which Maradona he was 45 minutes late, but could be present and give that special moment to the Mexican, who tells how Diego almost fractured him in one play just by looking at him.

He turned to see me in a playto, he turned to see me and when he did like that, he turned it the other way, almost fractured me, I swear, because I I made the move thinking the ball was coming for me Because he was watching me, that is not done by just any player, the player who is going to give you a pass turns to see you, that is not seen on television, but those of us on the field appreciate it very much. He cheated the rival completely“said the cement idol.

Hermosillo He only has words of praise for Maradonawell toThank you for showing up to play in your farewell match, something that few can boast and although he was late, the important thing is that he was there and gave him minutes that tasted like glory.

“Maradona was a very special person, he always had a very special treatment with me, he was at my farewell partyIt is a wonderful gesture for me; the times he came to Mexico, he always had great attention, a great friend, great companion, great human being“he commented.

Hermosillo remember also that he had a special meeting with the star, this when the September 2, 2014 saw it in the Rome olympic at party organized by Pope FrancisCarlos attended and was even able to interview him exclusively for Telemundo.

I last went to Rome to play the Pope’s game, Maradona was there; I work at Telemundo and we did an interview with his Italian son, and when he received me, he received me with a very special affection, “he recalled.

Defends it tooth and nail

Although Maradona’s life was widely criticized for his addictions, Hermosillo defended the Argentine legend, highlighting the quality of being human and soccer player.

“I really hear a lot about Diego, they question his life a lot and the truth is I say ‘wow’, the one who met Diego, knows who Diego was. In personal life, let the one who is free from sin cast the first stone, we forget that we have a small suitcase to carry, for me that man was the best player in the world and it was a great satisfaction to have lived with him and that he played in my farewell match, “he concluded.

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