Thanksgiving: Baby Yoda and Snoopy excite the crowd at the traditional Thanksgiving Day parade in America

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Baby Yoda and Snoopy balloons in Manhattan

Image source, Reuters


Baby Yoda and Snoopy were the stars of the 95th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A colorful cast of characters returned to the streets and skies of New York this Thursday to delight the thousands of people who came to enjoy the traditional parade organized by the Macy’s chain of stores for Thanksgiving Day.

Baby Yoda, Snoopy and Papto Smurf They stood out from the huge balloons seen flying over the crowded avenues of Manhattan, while marching bands, artists and, of course, a turkey, kept the crowd entertained at street level.

The contrast was great compared to last year, when the fear of the spread of the covid-19 pandemic caused the public to attend the popular event that in this edition was prohibited. turned 95 years old.

Image source, Reuters

Snoopy’s balloon, a regular feature since 1968 and which this year was presented as a 14-meter astronaut, returned to the parade to the delight of the attendees.

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