Teleperformance obtains the Wellbeing Factor 2021 wellness badge

Teleperformance, a global leader in integrated digital services and customer experience, is certified as a company that invests in the well-being of its employees through the implementation of positive practices in Mexico.

Over the years, organizations have found it necessary to adapt to the constant changes in the economy, culture and social contexts. These changes bring with them a host of challenges that drive organizations to be more productive and competitive. However, within this paradigm shift on the priorities of organizations, organizational well-being has become more than an aspiration, a necessity. For this reason, investing in the well-being of employees goes beyond a moral intention to take care of them, but is also strategic for organizations in terms of profitability and productivity.

Factor Wellbeing is a badge awarded by the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences of the TecMilenio University, in collaboration with Business Insider Mexico. This award recognizes organizations that invest in the well-being of their employees through the implementation of positive practices in organizational processes.

“The well-being of employees is a priority for Teleperformance Mexico and to verify it, the company requested to be evaluated by the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences where after a couple of months the certification was achieved” – commented Gustavo García, Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs, Teleperformance Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

The study identifies the well-being factors in each of the participating organizations, those practices that promote the employee’s work-life balance, assigning tools for their optimal performance, and providing opportunities to use and develop their strengths in daily activities.

Recognized companies promote organizational wellbeing practices, which have leaders and collaborators who seek to create an organizational climate and positive work environments and who, in addition, perceive that they take advantage of their abilities, skills and strengths to create a better world.

“We believe in the power of people and we know that the happiest and most satisfied employees perform better and that is why we invest in different initiatives that promote a better quality of life by increasing their health, reducing stress and therefore ensuring their well-being” – Gustavo García added.

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