Smells of romance between Ninfa Salinas and Omar García Harfuch

Ninfa Salinas and Omar Garcia Harfuch, sons of the businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego and the actress Maria Sorté, respectively, they would be in a love relationship, according to what the media reported Cradle of Crickets.

First, a reference had been made to a possible wedding between the two, but later that media reported that the couple has been dating for a few months, without wedding plans at the moment.

Ninfa is one of the daughters of Ricardo Salinas Pliego and has dedicated herself to the field of politics. From 2009 to 2012 she was a Deputy in the LXI Legislature, becoming one of the youngest women to hold this position. Although her development has been mainly in the political sphere, where she has promoted renewable energies and has also been a senator, Ninfa has also ventured into entertainment with companies such as All About Media, with which they have made films such as “Los Inquilinos” or ” Thirty, Single and Fantastic ”.

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Ninfa and Omar with their respective parents. Photos: Instagram.

Nymph was married to Rodrigo ripstein, and it was with him that he created All About Media, among other companies such as hotels and others. They have three children, Eugenia, Ninfa and Rodrigo, but the couple would be separated from 2020.


Omar García Harfuch is also related to the same worlds as Ninfa, since his mother is the first actress Maria Sorté, and his father, the politician Javier García Paniagua; He is also the grandson of the military man and governor of Jalisco Marcelino García Barragán.

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Omar is currently the Secretary of Citizen Security for Mexico City. In 2008 he became head of the department of the Federal Preventive Police, and in 2016 he was appointed Commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the Attorney General’s Office.

On June 26, 2020, he suffered an attack in Mexico City when he was driving on Reforma Avenue, in which he was wounded by a bullet but not seriously. Like Ninfa, Omar has also been married and is a father.


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