Simon Levy; “I invite you to go kick my door and see how it goes”, the challenge of Salinas Pliego

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego He faced and challenged the former Undersecretary of Tourism Planning and Policy, Simon Levy, to kick his door “to see how it goes”.

The above after the former official offered an apology for his actions against one of his neighbors, a moment that was captured on video and in recent days went viral.

Salinas Pliego responded to a message from the former official in which he stated that the most important thing is the tranquility of his family, however, the businessman urged him not to deny his attempts to femicide no longer be selfish, since the tranquility of the victim’s family is of importance.

For his part, Simón Levy accused the businessman of orchestrating a campaign against him based on what happened.

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Simon Levy acknowledges assault and apologizes

The former undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy, Simón Levy, offered an apology on social networks, after a video was released where the former official is observed knocking on the door of his neighbor and threatening to kill her.

Through Twitter, Levy apologized to his neighbor, identified as Emma Yolanda Santos, 65 years old.

“Regarding what happened with Mrs. Emma Yolanda Santos, whom I have known for many years and there has been a long time affection, I offer an apology for any situation that has happened. Nothing is more important than reconciliation and defeating the individual ego, ”the former official’s tweet reads.

It is worth mentioning that, two days before, he published a message on the same social network informing that he had received threats for the video that, he said, was false and he was going to act in accordance with the law. “In recent weeks, I have received threats to my physical integrity and that of my family, for which I submitted the corresponding complaints to the authorities at the time. As for the defamation attempts that are circulating, I reiterate that they are false and I will act in accordance with the law, “he added.

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