Sexual abuse is uncovered in clinic 2 of the IMSS Saltillo; this would not be the only case

A physiotherapist named Siegfried N, was reported by a 19-year-old girl who was being treated at the Clinic 2 of the IMSS who stated that she had been sexually abused by the accused on November 17.

A complaint in the hands of VANGUARDIA indicates that the victim’s request was that the doctor’s professional license be withdrawn who has repeatedly abused his patients.

In addition, they reported that, the day after the alleged abuse, the mother and her 19-year-old daughter went to the rehabilitation headquarters from clinic 2 to request that the doctor be removed from his work, but the response that was received was a request for discretion in the matter.

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“The case was turned to legal, it would not be the first time that the doctor does that but no one had made a formal complaint, they only told the therapists that they did not want to go back to the doctor; started by the ankle and ended up touching them all ”, declared a witness of the facts.

They also pointed out that the doctor has been working at the IMSS for just over a year and this is not the first time that this has happened. since the indicated one has looked for the patients even in their places of work.

“To another patient, from a company told her that she was going to request that they give her a job there to give therapy to women, ”said the witness.

She pointed out that another of the patients had indicated that Siegfried Núñez had asked her which gym she went to to enroll and “Getting in shape”, however, all these accusations are aimed at sexual harassment and abuse.

The case was reported by the 19-year-old victim to the IMSS itself and to the Center for Justice and Empowerment of Women Therefore, protection measures have already been taken for the victim.

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According to Nelly Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Center, the prohibition of intimidating or annoying behaviors has been issued, as well as the permanent surveillance of the victim’s home with patrols where the Saltillo Municipal Police would participate.

UPGRADE: In this regard, the Department of Social Communication of the IMSS Saltillo reported the following in an information card:

In relation to the information requested about an IMSS worker reported for alleged inappropriate acts to the detriment of a rightful owner, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Coahuila reports:

-In the area of Attention and Orientation to the Rightholder One user filed a complaint for alleged inappropriate acts, in which she pointed out a worker from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) as responsible.

-By instructions from the head of the Institute in Coahuila, Dr. Leopoldo Santillán ArreygueConsidering a serious situation that affects the integrity of a woman, the facts were reported to the Head of Legal Services for the initiation of the corresponding investigation, which is in process.

-According to the indication of the state owner, this and all complaints are investigated until the facts are properly clarified and, where appropriate, apply the respective sanctions.

The IMSS in Coahuila reproaches this type of conduct and endorses its commitment and respect for each and every right holder with adherence to gender equality and full respect for the physical and emotional integrity of women.

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