Salma Hayek’s daughter surprises by speaking in Spanish in public!

The daughter of Salma Hayek She has been in the spotlight in recent days since she appeared accompanying her famous mother to the ‘Eternals’ Premiere, where she impressed by showing how big she is after not appearing in public since she was a child.

The now-adolescent also accompanied Salma to unveil her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where he returned to give something to talk about after showing himself pronouncing some words in Spanish for the first time in public.

Valentina impressed with her good form speak Spanish and when giving an interview to the program ‘The fat and the skinny’, showed how managed the language has.

This is how Salma Hayek’s daughter spoke in Spanish:

The teenager spoke of the pride that her famous and talented mother is for her and said in Spanish, “I like that everyone is going to see it here”.

In addition to the way she speaks Spanish, Valentina surprised everyone with her attire that she wore for the occasion consisting of a mini dress with a balloon cut and an oversized blazer with high-heeled boots, while she wore her hair down with relaxed waves and natural makeup.

Video of Salma Hayek's daughter speaking Spanish

He too Salma’s father He was very proud of his daughter’s achievement in having her own star on the Walk of Fame and said, “I am very happy for my daughter’s achievements, which are not just her achievements, they are achievements of all Mexicans, of all Latinos”, he concluded.

Video of Salma Hayek's daughter speaking Spanish

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