Sabrina Sabrok supports Yahir’s son in his adult acting career

The controversial singer and model Sabrina sabrok offered all his endorsement of Tristán Othon, eldest son of Yahir, after the young man recently announced his foray into the world of adult entertainment.

In an interview for him Gossip No Lik programe, the Argentine, who is also dedicated to this profession, sent a message to the young man and asked him to be faithful to what he likes.

“The message I would give you is not to ask your father’s permission, if he is of legal age and does not depend financially on him,” said the exuberant blonde. “Keep doing your things, you have to do it because that’s what you like and if not tomorrow you will regret it”added.

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Sabrok stressed whether the singer likes it or not, his Tristán is in all his right to decide what direction his life will take: “When one is old, they can decide for themselves and do whatever they want, whether or not the parents, the partner, the friends… whoever it is; or happiness is not achieved “he explained.

Sabrina is also an adult actress

She also supported that the young man has decided to do this in the company of his partner, something that she also does and with which she says she has achieved great economic stability. He also assured that he does not plan to withdraw from this race.

Sanbrina and her husband

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