Rubens Sambueza was assaulted in Colombia

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Vacation Rubens SambuezaAfter Toluca was eliminated from the 2021 Apertura playoff at the hands of Pumas, it started badly, since was a victim of crime in Colombia while visiting his brother Fabian.

The events happened outside brother’s apartment of Rubens, when two subjects got off a motorcycle and they threatened with a gun to the Sambuezas, in addition to strip them of two watches, one of them Rolex and a ring.

Police from Barranquilla already identified the assailants and they assured that it is a matter of time to find them.

Fabián Sambueza, Rubens’ brother, recounted the events on a local radio station.

“I rolled down the window to talk to a friend who could help us with our suitcases and this happened. The building guard did not notice and did not see the thief, but the man of the car who recorded could have done something. That is a little painful because people don’t get in there, they don’t do anything. If I had been on the other side, if they are robbing someone, one tries, at least, I don’t know, to hit the one on the motorcycle, “said the Junior player.

The brother of the Toluca footballer was clear in pointing out that the intent of the criminals In the first instance was stealing the Rolex.

“They were going for the Rolex, they were going for that, they were surely following us. I found out that there is a band that is dedicated to that and they mark you from the airport. It was our turn to have a bad time. Sad for the welcome they give to our family. Thank God we are well and it did not happen to adults. Although we lost some valuables, the most important thing is that we are well ”, he concluded.

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