Reveal video of execution in car wash of Leones

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Monterrey.- One day after the murder of a man in a car wash business located on Avenida Walk of the Lions, in the municipality of Monterrey, a video was released showing the moment of the crime.

In the video captured by a security camera, it is observed how the man sits waiting while talking with a woman, who apparently would be his wife, when he receives ibullet impacts to the head and chest.

For his part, the aggressor fled when he committed the crime, while other people who were in the area tried to help the man who was shot.

The attack took place inside a car wash located on the avenida leones at its intersection with the avenue Elite Summits.

At the site where the victim was attacked, two shell casings and a warhead were found.

After the incident, the area was cordoned off by elements of the Monterrey Police meanwhile, ministerial agents arrived at the site to begin the investigations.

On the morning of this Thursday, the mayor of Monterrey, Luis Donaldo Colosio, confirmed that one of the security cameras located on Paseo de los Leones avenue.

“Even though we have some images … we found that that specific camera it was not working optimally, it was not recording the images that it should normally record and save in the system. It is one of the many flaws that we have found in our surveillance system throughout the city, ”he explained.

“We were aware of the event… however, it is not an area that corresponds to us, we were working through the C-4 to be able to locate the person if they got into a vehicle or not. We have some images that were provided to the State Investigations Agency to be able to find the alleged “, he explained.

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