Pregnant? Dear VLA host surprises by showing off her “belly” | VIDEO

The drivers of “Come the joy”Have been in the midst of controversy on more than one occasion, this time it was the turn of Kristal Silva who surprised his followers on Instagram by sharing a video showing off his “belly” of pregnancy.

The morning host celebrated her wedding last August, after suspending it for almost two years, and a few days ago rumors arose about a pregnancy due to some images in which fans claimed to notice a tummy.

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Given this, Kristal Silva decided to end the controversy with a funny video of TikTok that he shared on the social networks of “Venga la Alegría”, in which he can be seen touching his tummy as if it were a baby.

“How beautiful my tummy looks, nothing more than I’m pregnant is pure meal“Says Cristal Silva in the video joking and I deny that it is a pregnancy.

The comments were immediate and some interns highlighted the good humor of the driver, while others said they felt identified because the same thing happens to them.

Kristal Silva’s wedding

The ex-beauty queen got engaged in February 2019 with her boyfriend Luis Angel, however, they had to suspend the celebration due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the sanitary measures in this regard.

Later Kristal Silva received the proposal to join Survivor MexicoAlthough he stood out as an athlete, he was surprised by announcing his sudden departure from the reality show because with the success of the program his stay began to extend and he had some plans on the doorstep.

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Finally, it was in August of this year when she joined her life with Luis Ángel after 13 years of courtship in the middle of a luxurious ceremony in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The wedding was attended by his companions from “Come the joy“, Although in an interview with Karla Díaz for her YouTube channel, she revealed that she did not invite Ismael Zhu” El Chino “and Horacio Villalobos.


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