Phil Spencer talks about his “Horizon” plans for the future of Xbox

Just a few days ago, Xbox celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a short, but interesting video in which they not only announced the surprise launch of Halo Infinite, or rather, its multiplayer, as well as announcing a documentary, a small teaser of the Halo series and in general, celebrate a bit of the history of the brand.

And to this of course, was added the mandatory podcast by Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) who did not miss the opportunity to carry out an interview with one of his good friends, and perhaps the most important person on Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Phil Spencer gives us a little glimpse of what Xbox’s future plans look like

Within the almost 17 minutes of the interview, Larry and Phil took the opportunity to talk a little about everything: from an interesting story about the launch of the original Psychonauts, to how first-person shooters are not Mr. Spencer’s preferred titles (even although he has 1200 hours on Destiny 2), and even joking about how his wife annoys him by telling him how “he found the only job he is moderately qualified to do”, among several other things.

Likewise, one of the most interesting things came near the end of the interview, when Phil Spencer tells us how the company’s future plans work, and how the Xbox team breaks down their future plans in “Horizon 1” (immediate future ), “Horizon 2” (about 2-3 years away), and “Horizon 3” (up to about 10 years away).

We started with quite a few Horizon 3 ideas a few years ago. XCloud was one of them, Game Pass another … What excites me most now is that we are doing the same, we are “generating ideas” for the latter. What are these ideas for the “Horizon 3”? What are the things that in 5 or 10 years, we will be so happy to have started today?

We have to constantly push the limits of what we do, because players always demand more. We have to go abroad and invest in it “

Here below I leave the full interview, which occupies only the first part with Phil Spencer, dedicating the second to the team behind the multiplayer of Halo Infinite.

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