Pablo Montero has not been canceled after singing to Maduro, says his lawyer

Yesterday, the lawyer of Pablo Montero, Mariana Gutiérrez, confirmed that the singer would suffer repercussions in the United States for having sung to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

However, the singer’s legal representative made a clarification in De Primera Mano and retracted what he declared last night.

I want to be very clear and forceful on the subject of what is being discussed about the cancellations of Pablo Montero, I want to tell you that there is no cancellation of any kind. Their concerts are confirmed. The first concert is this weekend in California, United States, and by December he will be at different fairs in the country, he will be with great expectations from the public to see him again on stage, to enjoy being with him again “

Likewise, Mariana Gutiérrez was forceful in pointing out that Montero it has no legal repercussion for having appeared at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

At this moment he is preparing for a great project that he is going to have on television, which is a great surprise, that all his audience will be happy to see him again. So everything is going very well “

He also thanked the audience for all the support and affection that have also been shown to the actor.

I really appreciate all your interest, all the concern and all the support you have given to Mr. Montero, I am very grateful. We are also grateful to the entrepreneurs and, above all, to their audience. The affection that they have always shown Pablo Montero, that as we announced today, he will enjoy his dedication at these and other events as has been agreed. That I wanted to clarify and I wanted to be very categorical and forceful about it, “he concluded.

Montero sings to Maduro for his birthday

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, celebrated his 59th birthday on Tuesday in the government palace with the song Las Mañanitas performed by the Mexican singer Pablo Huntsman and where other musical groups were also presented.

Maduro said he was surprised because he was meeting with government officials when his wife Cilia Flores asked him to leave the office and he ran into a youth rap group in one of the gardens.

After the group’s song and dance performances broadcast on state television, Maduro listened inside the palace to singers of llanera music and later to a salsa orchestra to give way to the also Mexican actor who gave him a black mariachi hat.

Huntsman thanked “the beautiful people of Venezuela” and congratulated the president, who last year celebrated his birthday with the Dominican merengue singer Bonny Cepeda and in the past with the late singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel.

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