Octopus and lobsters can feel pain; Could they ban its consumption?

At United Kingdom, a group of specialists asked the government to recognize the octopus, crabs, lobsters and other cephalopods as sentient beings. This after a report from the London School of Economics was delivered, where it was shown that these animals are capable of feeling pain and suffering from the treatment they are given with gastronomic purposes.

For that reason, the government British is establishing a reform of the animal welfare law. And although it has not yet been approved, the project has already been launched in which cephalopods (such as octopus or squid) and decapods (such as lobsters or crabs) are cataloged in the group of animals capable of feeling pain.

The legislators They accuse that these animals have been studied and protected by science, but that this has not been the case by law. This in reference to the way in which they are fished, kept in captivity and how they are cooked.

Octopuses are capable of feeling pain and anguish
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There are 300 studies that defend animals

The legislation The proposal is based on independent reviews of more than 300 scientific studies that found evidence showing that sea creatures can experience pain and distress.

“Octopuses and other cephalopods have not received any protection outside of science, until now. One way the UK can lead the way animal welfare it’s protecting these invertebrate animals that humans have often ignored, ”said Jonathan Birch, principal investigator at the LSE Center for Philosophy.

This law seeks changes as important as regulating its fishing, modifications in the restaurant legislation and avoid particularly cruel practices such as clawing crabs while they are still alive or boiling lobsters in water. “In case of accepting an animal as a sentient being, it is necessary to apply the principles that are accepted for other sentient beings,” Birch concluded.

They could ban boiling lobsters in water
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