Mother of baby Vayolet, receives preventive prison for alleged crime of filicide

Saltillo. – Olivia “N”, allegedly responsible for the crime of filicide against his daughter Vayolet received preventive detention this day as a precautionary measure.

In an initial hearing, in which there was no access to the public, Judge Jesús Alfredo Herrera Ibarra in the case granted a duplication of the deadline to determine whether or not to link Olivia N.

It will be next Tuesday November 29 at 10:30 am when the hearing resumes where the legal situation of the accused will be defined.

During the day The version that Olivia “N” had involved the father of the minor in the commission of the crime also emerged.

She was made available to the jurisdictional authority, after an arrest warrant was issued yesterday.

During the first versions of the case, the mother of the deceased minor, one year old, He narrated to the authorities at the Children’s Hospital that his daughter had fallen from the stairs, and allegedly due to the injuries caused, lost her life.

Nevertheless, at necropsy, death was revealed to have been due to a blunt force blow from a blunt object, causing a head trauma, for which the investigation folder was opened.

The crime of filicide that she would face in case of being linked to the process has a punishment of 10 to 25 years in prison, according to the Penal Code of Coahuila.

Until the case is resolved, the Procurator for Boys, Girls and the Family (Pronnif) in Saltillo, put another of Olivia “N’s” daughters under guard.

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