Man pronounced dead awakens in morgue; dies hours after being transferred to the hospital

A man pronounced dead after suffering a traffic accident in India he was found alive, breathing but in critical condition after spending a night in the hospital morguethe director of the center in India informed AFP this Sunday.

Srikesh Kumar, 45, was rushed to a private clinic after being hit by a motorcycle in Moradabad, east of New Delhi. Declared dead by a doctor upon arrival at the clinic, on Friday he was transferred to a public hospital for an autopsy.

“The emergency doctor examined him. He found no signs of life and therefore declared him dead,” the director of the hospital, Rajendra Kumar, told AFP on Sunday.

The body was placed in a morgue cold room until the arrival of his family, six hours later. “When a team of the police and his family arrived to carry out the administrative procedures to authorize the autopsy, they found him alive,” he added. His relatives were in the room and began to see small movements of Kumar’s body.

“Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing,” said Madhu Bala, Kumar’s sister-in-law, in a video broadcast on social media. There the alleged deceased appears in the morgue with his family.

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The man was transferred to a hospital ward but died Tuesday night after falling into a coma due to a brain injury. “He died last night and his body was handed over to the family,” district medical official Shiv Singh told AFP. Kumar’s brother told AFP that the deceased was cremated late on Wednesday.

“My brother fought for his life, but lost the battle after five days. He wanted to live. He showed signs of recovery, as he used to respond every time we called him by name. His vital signs were normal. However, he had a clot. in the brain “, the brother of the deceased told ‘Times of India’.

According to the local media, Sreekesh was an electrician in a municipal corporation. In his family he was the youngest of five siblings and he was married.

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