Majo Aguilar: Who is the HUGE boyfriend of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter who is 16 years old

The Aguilar Dynasty has managed to generate high popularity in social networks for its constant activity within entertainment but also for its distinction of the preservation of regional Mexican music, led by Pepe Aguilar, who in turn learned from his father Antonio Aguilar.

In this sense, various members of the family have been pending and immersed in the world of entertainment but especially Mexican music, such as the little Angela Aguilar, who has become one of the most important female figures in the last years.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that the Aguilar dynasty has sought a way to transmit Mexican music through various generations, from little Angela Aguilar to Leonardo Aguilar, of course also her father Pepe.

The Aguilar Dynasty

In this sense, the one that has generated controversy and thousands of comments was about the life of Majo Aguilar, who is the daughter of Antonio Aguilar’s first-born, Antonio Jr and Susana Carrillo.

María José Aguilar, known as Majo, is a Mexican singer and songwriter who has decided to continue the legacy of the dynasty started by Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre, her grandparents. By being part of one of the most important music families in Mexico, Majo has shown that he has great talent, which has led him to sign an exclusive contract with Universal Music Group.

Being the daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr. and Susana Carrillo, Majo ventured into the world of music since she was very young. When she was only 11 years old, the composer was featured on the Don Francisco program, thanks to her grandmother. Accompanied by her sister, Majo Aguilar performed hits like “La basurita” and “Celosa”, two of Flor Silvestre’s most popular songs. From that moment on, his career began to take off.

Majo Aguilar’s boyfriend

On this occasion, Aguilar got the attention of the media after confirming that she is dating a person 16 years older than her; It is about the vocalist of the Mexican rock band Kinky, Gil Cerezo.

On his Instagram account, the rocker has more than 77 thousand followers, who have the opportunity to learn a little more about his private life. Curiously, so far he does not have any photos with his current romantic partner.

The famous man reached much of his popularity thanks to the success of songs like “Where are the dead going ?,” Hasta quemarnos “,” Una línea de luz “and” Negro día “, singles by Kinky, a successful band in Mexico.


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