Looting, fires and barricades: anticovid measures provoke riots on the French island of Martinique (PHOTO, VIDEO)


Nov 25, 2021 20:50 GMT

The riots began several days ago after unions called for a strike to denounce mandatory vaccination, as well as the high cost of living.

Protests against COVID-19 restrictions in the city of Fort-de-France, in Martinique, the French island in the Caribbean Sea, led to looting and violence on Wednesday amid growing tensions in the French West Indies.

On the island, where riots began several days ago after unions called for a strike to denounce mandatory vaccination as well as the high cost of living, looting and vandalism occurred last night in several businesses, including a market, at the that they set fire to it.

Following the call for a general strike, roadblocks were erected which, according to images shared on social media, were also set on fire. In another part of the city, several people attacked police officers who had come to the scene to control the riots. As a result, nine soldiers were injured, local media RCI reported.

Likewise, on the neighboring island of Guadeloupe, also French territory in the Caribbean, riots against restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic were registered for the tenth consecutive day. To try to contain the situation, 200 police and military were sent. In parallel, the authorities decreed a night curfew.

The rejection of compulsory vaccination would be based on the fact that the population of the Caribbean islands descends from slaves who worked in the sugar and banana plantations where they were systematically exposed to toxic pesticides. “We are descendants of slaves, and for us, control over our bodies is really important,” said Pamela Obertan, a political scientist from Guadeloupe, suggesting that “the government wants to impose a medical experiment.”

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, since the beginning of the pandemic, 704 deaths and more than 44,828 infections have been recorded in Martinique, while in Guadeloupe there are a total of 823 deaths and 55,080 cases of covid-19.

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