La Jornada – The PRI joins Morena and allies to ratify Pablo Gómez in the UIF

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) voted with Morena and his allies the ratification of Pablo Gómez Álvarez as head of the Financial Intelligence Unit, in a decision that in turn divided positions in the Va por México block. National Action rejected the appointment and the PRD abstained.

In this way, the appointment of Gómez Álvarez was validated with 304 votes from Morena, PT, PVEM and PRI. Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, former Secretary of the Economy during the six-year term, Enrique Peña Nieto, abstained from the PRI bench.

The PAN was left alone in the vote against, with 95 votes. MC and PRD added 34 abstentions.

Before deciding how to vote, the MC bench deliberated for a few minutes, a delay that led the PAN to ask them to do so against it. “No fear!” They shouted from the blue bench. Even though he had announced a “vote of confidence” in favor of Gómez Álvarez, MC finally opted for abstention.

During the discussion of the opinion of the Finance Commission, the positions focused on whether or not Pablo Gómez complies with the technical profile demanded by the FIU.

“This debate is technical, but also political,” Morena coordinator Ignacio Mier said from the rostrum, but he immediately added: “The ownership of the FIU remains in the hands of a brutally honest, fundamentally effective professional with convictions. His biography is well known to all, that’s why it stings them, but he will be an example of an effective, committed and honest Mexican official ”.

While the deputy of MC Jesús Herrera suggested that the FIU does not become an instrument to undertake “a witch hunt”, the PRI Eufrosina Cruz said that her bench hopes that Gómez Álvarez “does not have political adversaries, much less enemies and that the FIU It is not only to persecute the government’s opponents, the businessmen, the communicators, as Santiago Nieto did, who showed his drawn sword to subdue those he considered enemies of the regime, and showed enormous indifference to investigate those at home, where there are a lot of names ”.

Deputy Patricia Terrazas (PAN) considered Pablo Gómez’s ratification as “impassable”.

His “application is not suitable, there is continuity in the lack of strategy and direction to combat organized crime. We warn that his appointment weakens the institutions, our duty is to vote against Pablo Gómez as head of the FIU ”.

He affirmed that his appointment is intended to give the FIU a “partisan bias” and insisted that Gómez Álvarez “is political, not technical.”

The plenary session of the Chamber also approved the ratification of María del Carmen Bonilla as head of the Public Credit Unit, who was proposed since October 14; and Fernando Renoir Baca Rivero, as head of the Coordination Unit with the States, proposed since August 16.

After the voting, the three officials protested their positions before the plenary session.

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