La Jornada – Armed attack on feminist march in Guaymas leaves three dead

Guaymas, Son. In the middle of the feminist march in front of the Guaymas Municipal Palace, two men and a woman lost their lives as a result of an armed attack with long weapons and grenades. Security authorities activated code red in the port region.

The attack occurred late on Thursday, November 25, on Aquiles Serdán Street in the Center of Guaymas, just in front of the Municipal Palace. Therefore, the municipal authorities exhorted the population to avoid access to the first painting of the city.

The three people without life were identified, the two men as security guards for the mayor of Guaymas, Karla Córdova, and the female who was part of the contingent that was demonstrating in front of the Municipal Palace.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office reported the aggression through its official twitter account: “Armed aggression in the Municipal Palace of Guaymas. Personnel from the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office and corporations from the three levels of Government follow code red. Three people are reported dead, two men and one woman. “

Unofficially, witnesses and staff from the Guaymas City Council indicated that in addition to the murdered people, two more were injured: Noé Cabrales, a private photographer for Mayor Karla Córdova and another woman who was part of the demonstrations against violence against women. women.

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