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The cover of the first issue of 2022 of the magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum from the publisher Ichijinsha confirmed that the manga written and illustrated by Hijiki Isoflavone, Kami kuzu idol (Phantom of the Idol), will have an anime adaptation. The information will be confirmed on November 27 in Japan in conjunction with the first visual and promotional video, and the leak also confirmed the cast of voices, which includes:

  • Fumiya Imai as Yuuya Niyodo.
  • Nao touyama as Asahi Mogami.
  • Shun horie as Kazuki Hoshino.
Kami kuzu idol

For its part, Isoflavone began the publication of the manga in the magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum in December 2017. The publisher Ichijinsha published the fourth compiled volume on April 24, while Kodansha Comics announced the physical distribution of this manga in the United States as of May 2022.

Synopsis of Kami Kuzu Idol

Yuuya, one half of the boy-pop duo ZINGS, may be the laziest artist in the Japanese music industry. His partner goes out to give 110% every night (and, thankfully, he’s quite popular), but Yuuya’s lackluster and lackluster dancing, and his downright hostile attitude towards the public, lead to fans hating him and his agent looking for anything. excuse to set it free. The career of a pop idol is not the path of easy leisure and flattery that Yuuya expected …

After a particularly inert concert appearance, Yuuya meets a girl backstage. She’s dressed to the nines in a colorful outfit, she’s full of energy and vigor, and all she wants out of life is acting. There’s just one problem: she’s been dead for a year. This is the ghost of Asahi Mogami, the beloved singer whose time on stage was tragically cut short, unless… If ghosts are real, is spirit possession really that exaggerated?

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