‘Juan Carlos Osorio stank of alcohol’; Carlos Albert anecdote

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What he did not see and lived in football! Carlos Albert He is one of the most controversial characters in sports journalism, always forward in his points of view and sometimes challenging, which won him multiple enmities such as the one well known with Ricardo La Volpe, but few know about encounter he had with Juan Carlos Osorio.

Osorio claimed me drunk: Carlos Albert

Recently retired after a long career in the media of more than 40 years, Albert had in José Ramón Fernández one of the most important colleagues of his time on Imevisión and later on ESPN. It was precisely to him that he told a anecdote about the Colombian former Tricolor coach.

I only spoke to him once and on that occasion when I ran into him he rebuked me, he told me about everything. He was coming down from the loft to the press conference and I was leaving the press conference when I saw him with his four guards, “he told Joserra in times when Osorio was still the national coach.

“He sees me and without even saying hello to me he begins to tell me: ‘You who always criticize me, all I speak is for the Mexican National Team, I am not the important one, it is the National Team’, but all this told me. Osorio with a stench of alcohol, what can I tell youIt’s serious, “he added.

Carlos Albert’s retirement party

It was at the end of October that Carlos Albert announced his retirement, so the farewell had to be big and so it was, surrounded by some of the most influential journalists and acquaintances of the country at a lunch-dinner in Mexico City where companies “merged”.

José Ramón Fernández, Rafael Puente, John Sutcliffe, Heriberto Murrieta, Emilio Fernando Alonso and Francisco Javier González were some of the characters present to say goodbye to Albert, who also in 2021 overcame the coronavirus.

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