Israel ‘Piloto’ Jiménez unleashes anger in amateur football

The Olympic medalist caused a fight in a non-professional soccer league, from which he is already expelled.

Former Tigres player and Olympic medalist lost his head in amateur match

By: Zaritzi Sosa

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The former player of the Tigers, Israel Jiménez is in trouble for hitting a player in one of the amateur leagues in which he continued his activity on the courts.

The ‘Pilot’ Jiménez who maintains his residence in Monterrey, took the opportunity to play in non-professional leagues, however, after the abrupt misconduct he had on the field of play, he will be permanently expelled from this league.

In a video that circulates on social networks and that was transmitted by them, it can be seen that Jiménez faces one of the rivals and ended up giving him a strong blow that threw him to the ground. Immediately the rest of the players tried to stop the confrontation, but the rivals also went against the ‘Pilot’ for having started the fight and released a couple of blows.

Jiménez left professional football just a few months ago, being Mazatlan his last team in the 2021 Guardians. The ‘Pilot’ is remembered by the fans of the Tigres for having participated in different championships in their golden age, in addition to having been part of the Olympic gold medalists in London 2012.

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