Ingrid Coronado confirms break between her son and Charly López

After her ex-husband Charly López said that Ingrid Coronado is a bad person, the host gave a forceful response to the issue.

In an interview for the program “Sale el Sol”, Coronado detached himself from the distance that exists between his son Emiliano and the former Garibaldi.

“It would be worth asking ourselves why Emiliano does not want to see his father? I think that many times the note is distorted by asking why does he speak ill of me? And the question would be why Emiliano, who is his Son, don’t you want to see it? And believe me, that has absolutely nothing to do with me, “said Coronado.

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Coronado said she was surprised that Charly’s statements have a place in the media, after she divorced the singer 17 years ago.

“Emiliano is no longer a child, he is almost 23 years old, he decides what he wants to do with his life, he decides who he wants to see and who he doesn’t want to see, just like I decide what to do with mine and what I want to invest in my time, “he confessed.

The driver did not want to address the legal problems that she has pending with Charly; apparently she was denounced by her ex-partner for allegedly preventing her from seeing her son.

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According to Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Ingrid Coronado wants to take a house from Charly López.

Ingrid Coronado and Charly López met when they were both members of the Garibaldi group. The couple married in 1998 and six years later announced the end of their marriage.


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