India: they discover that man in the morgue is not dead; they send him to the hospital and he dies

Srikesh is a man who was pronounced dead in India, sent to the morgue, returned to the hospital, and eventually died. Photo: Reuters (Illustrative).

Srikesh Kumar, man 45, was pronounced dead in India after being hit by a motorbike at high speed in Moradabad: he was sent to the morgue, discovered that he was unconscious, was returned to the hospital, and eventually died.

According to local reports, man was run over this week; their relatives came to the morgue six hours later, they realized that he was still breathing in the freezer. On his second visit to the hospital, he went into a coma due to brain injury, and later died in India.

Man I live in the morgue

  • “He died last night and his body was handed over to the family,” said doctor Shiv Singh.
  • The brother said the deceased was cremated late on Wednesday

After being declared dead, the man was sent to the morgue to have an autopsy performed on India: “The ER doctor examined him. He found no signs of life and declared him dead, ”according to Rajendra Kumar, director of the hospital located in the city of Moradabad.

Rajendra Kumar described as “a miracle” the fact that they have found alive the man, but the authorities of India have already launched an investigation to determine the reason for the misdiagnosis that sent Srikesh Kumar to the morgue and not to treatment.

Stir in India

  • The middle The Times of India closely followed the case of man
  • They assured that the subject was an electrician from Moradabad

“He is not quite dead. How did this happen? Look, it wants to say something, ”said a family from the man who went to identify him at the morgue from India. No data has been released about the motorcyclist who ran over the victim, but his whereabouts are also being investigated.

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