He is Mexico’s father-in-law: Chayanne spends Thanksgiving with his father

Chayanne He is one of the most recognized singers in Latin music, but the most important thing is not his professional career, but his beauty captivated more than half of the women in Mexico, thus leaving many who dThey claim to be his children after growing up listening to the songs of the Puerto Rican and his mother saying it was beautiful.

This time, the “dad from Mexico” took advantage of his social networks to leave a nice postcard for all his fans and incidentally teach those false children who their grandfather is or in the case of new generations, those who are in love with their 24-year-old son, a postcard with his father-in-law and father.

The photo was uploaded to Instagram for Thanksgiving, But more than that, he ended up showing people a very happy moment with his father, who is also seen to have a good time with his son, who was eating.

The reaction in networks

The publication titled “To God, thank you for the blessings. (with a heart and the flag of Puerto Rico). Happy Thanksgiving Day! (a turkey)”, The same that has the singer sitting in a white chair eating an empanada, next to his father, who was in a chair laughing a lot, ended up getting more than 130 thousand likes in his first hour of having uploaded to Instagram.

In addition to the 137 thousand 461 hearts that he received in these first 60 minutes, where Ricky Martin’s was, endless comments also appeared where they recognize that it is a beautiful photo, that they are very handsome, but one exceeds, since is a young man who tells him that his mother only listens to him: “Chayanne help me convince my mother to vote for BORIC please no one else listens to you!”

Now it only remains to enjoy the great singer, who with his family spent this holiday, but the most important thing is that people can continue to see you eating, smiling, singing or doing what you like the most with his loved ones or in Mexico with the family of many who claim to be his children.

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