Fire in García, NL. They evicted 216 people

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A strong fire in García, Nuevo León has left one person injured and caused the eviction of more than 200 workers in an oil factory this Friday afternoon.

The facts are presented in an automotive oil manufacturing company, located in Triángulo and Rectangle streets, of the Arco Vial Industrial Park, in the municipality of New León.

From different points of the city you can see the fire.

In the fire sFirefighters from Nuevo León, Firefighters from Heineken, Ternium and San Nicolás are working, Water and Drainage pipes and García Civil Protection personnel.

Control 70 percent fire

The director of Civil Protection of García, Daniel Betancourt, indicated that 70 percent of the fire has already been controlled, and ruled out its spread to other companies.

“Right now he tells us what the fire commander has been, who has 70% control, fortunately it was already possible to put the foam that was wanted to prevent it from making a violent reaction with the precipitation that is occurring, it is only a matter waiting for the issue of cooling the same fire to begin, a somewhat important smoke column is still being generated but the risk of propagation to the companies is already ruled out, it is only a matter of being able to finish cooling completely and contain in this case the piece where the greatest amount of temperature is found. “

As for the explosions that are heard, he mentioned that it is something normal due to the type of material that the company handles.

“It is normal due to the type of material we have, it is the one that is reacting to us due to the same rain that is occurring here, that is why we were in a hurry to put foam completely all over the place where the company is burning. saw something big, out there several reports that it looked very very large, it was a 1000 liter totem that reacted, fortunately there were no injured people from the fellow firefighters and right now we practically already have foam throughout the company that very surely it will help to prevent other violent reactions like the one we just saw a little while ago ”.

They evicted 216 people from 12 companies

“The total of people evacuated within the industrial park were 216, 12 companies in total, a preventive evacuation was made, we also thank the Public Security of the municipality that has units in the neighboring colonies fixed for any situation that arises. Unfortunately, the climate is not in our favor now because the investment is making the smoke down, so what is being done is recommending to the public not to open the windows or doors so that it will not enter this smoke and they are going to have any symptoms of intoxication ”indicated Betancourt.

Through social networks, users shared videos and photos about the fire where the growing flame can be observed.

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