‘El Poncho’ chose to live as a hit man; killed former official and 6 other people

Victim # 1

The investigations revealed that the first victim of “El Poncho” was registered on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at approximately 7:15 p.m., when he made his appearance in the Real de Jerez neighborhood, aboard a vehicle from which he He got off and went to the main entrance of a home located on Jerez de la Luz street, there he knocked on the door and was attended by José Antonio, on whom he unloaded a glock pistol that took his life. Moments later the vehicle with the firearm inside was abandoned in Colonia Las Trojes.

Victim # 2

Days later, around 2:00 am on February 2, “El Poncho” riddled Juan Francisco with firearms in a ditch in the parking lot that is located at the back of the street market known as “La Flea ”in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

Victim # 3 / El Cholo

Victim # 4

One month after his third crime, on April 2, between 2:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m., “El Poncho” entered a home located on Cerro del Gigante street in the Cerrito de Jerez neighborhood, where he executed bullets to José Alberto.

Victim # 5 / Former Public Official

Victim # 6

The days passed until on May 22 at approximately 05:00 hours, a male identified as Antonio alias “El Panamá”, climbed to the roof of a home in the Villas de Santa Julia neighborhood, in a desperate attempt to escape from a firearm attack directed against you; The attack occurred at 05:00 hours when “El Poncho” arrived at Villas de la Noria Street and saw “El Panamá”, whom he chased and shot him several times until he was dead on the roof. of a house, on Villa Vieja street.

Victim # 7

The last murder was planned and carried out two days after the murder of “El Panamá”, when on May 24, Jazmín in the company of a male, were about to look for a house, both were seen in the Colonia Parques de la Noria There the offended woman boarded her companion’s vehicle.

Everything proceeded normally until at another point they picked up “El Poncho” and went straight to Malecón del Río street, to the border fence of a Primary school that adjoins Vertiente del Río street, in Colonia Santo Domingo, where “El Poncho” ordered the victim to get out of the vehicle, without option, Jazmín obeyed and began to walk but “El Poncho” was already pointing a firearm at her that detonated several times, the offended woman fell to the ground injured and the accused mercilessly got out of the vehicle to finish her off.

Alfonso will be tried for homicides qualified to the detriment of two of his victims, and for the remaining five he will be tried for simple homicide.

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