Dresser’s tweet about ‘coup’ is bad faith: AMLO; ‘violates the rules of democracy’, responds Dresser

During the morning conference this Thursday, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador read the tweet from the political scientist Denise dresser, who wrote that there was a “coup d’etat” with the presidential agreement declaring all the works of the federal government to be national security.

The president said that although his opponents are angry, the people are happy.

“We are going to warn the people because maybe they did not find out that we carried out a coup,” he said ironically. “This is bad faith, ignorance”, he sentenced. The president also clarified that it is not a decree but an agreement.

In response, the analyst of Aristegui live He affirmed that there is a “coup d’état” with the agreement that determines that his works are for national security, since the president is violating the rules of democracy.

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